Few tips to level up your next vacation

     We need to take a break once in a while.

Burnout is real and if we compromised our mental, spiritual and physical well being, we may end up sacrificing our own goals in this Dunya (worldly life) and our akhirah (hereafter).
You know, Islam a religion of moderation, a religion of balance, hence advising us to give the rights of our body and the people around us, telling us to enjoy things in a halal and beneficial way.

Here are some activities you can try to level up your next vacation:

     First. Spend time with your family and friends in an amusement park, go for a picnic or you can volunteer in a 'adopt an orphan for a day project' , a program where our brothers and sisters sponsor the orphans' expenses for a day and bring them in amusement parks and be their guardians as well.

     Second. Go out of town and spend the weekend at the beach. Invite your family or friends to go in a few hours drive away from the city, make a bonfire, do camping and stargazing. To give it a meaningful twist, have someone assigned to give a 30 minutes short Islamic reminder and then you can give your reflections after. Trust me, it's the best.

      Third. Spend that day-off with your furr babies at home while re-reading your favorite Islamic book, after that you can jot down your heart's realizations, let all your thoughts flow, write it all out, and of course don't forget your cup of coffee or tea to complete the ambiance.

         Last. Read or Recite the Quran. I read something earlier today, its says, "Nothing in this world could be as soothing as the words of Allah.", and I couldn't agree more. When you read it, it is as if it's talking to you. It is as if the words were meant for you. Subhanallah. This book is a gift, a guide, a sign of His mercy, we shall not forsake it, it can heal us in many ways we couldn't imagine. When we feel like this world is draining us, leaving us empty, Salah, Dua and Quran are the cures.

— a.

Comment down below if you know some halal , fun and beneficial activities you can recommend or you usually do it with your friends and family. Don't hesitate to share the khayr with us.
In Shaa Allah 🌻